Wednesday, February 4, 2009

TED Day 1 Running Notes.......

Bill Gates

Patti Maes

  • MIT Media Lab creating a 6th sense computing device: of camera computer projector live info gathering phone , wearable computing
  • Radically rethinking the human-machine interactive experience
  • showing mobile computing platform with forward projecting display.
  • latest effort – a camera with a portable projection system worn around the neck. Costs $350.
  • MIT media lab demoing insane stuff. Want want want want. Multitouch without the touch. Insane. Insane
  • body projection computer
  • Visual --- Wow!
Saul Griffith:

  • kites! Yes, kites (autonomous power generating kites!) to help solve the energy crisis
  • Saul Griffith has a plan to make 10 trillion KWatts thru use of kites
Tim Berners Lee

  • Slides
  • "So 20 yrs ago I created something called the web", understated quote of the day.
  • "It's called Linked Data. I want you to make it, I want you to demand it." - Love it
  • No "database hugging" - don't just make yr own website. Esp govt data: free RAW DATA NOW!
Al Gore
Seth Gordin

  • How to Create 90,000 U.S. Startups in One Day
  • "The way we make change is not by money or power, but by leading" - Seth Godin #TED on how things are changing today creating & spreading an idea has a lot behind it. We're in a moment where we make change not w/ money but by leading
  • "Tribes are everything. You wanne be connected."
  • Factory idea is dead; TV push is dead; Tribes are the new paradigm: leading & connecting people & ideas. Seth Godin
  • Seth Godin: "1000 followers are enough to drive change."
  • Seth Godin saying it's all about finding the true leaders who navigate their way through a cause.
  • This isn't about mass. It's about finding true believers. Kindle should help authors create movements. Joining people together.
  • The Beatles did not create teens. They just decided to lead them." Tribes about org. ppl into movements.
  • Challenge status quo. Build a culture. Have curiosity. Connect people. Being a leader gives u charisma. Commit
  • Connnect a tribe. Lead a movement. Make change
  • who are you upsetting, connecting or leading?
  • leaders challenge the status quo, are curious, connect and have charisma. i wonder if 3 out of 4 will do?
  • What I want u to do is create a movement-something that matters. Only takes 24 hours." Seth Godin
  • New Book Tribes.

  • 2 billion people live on water from Himalayan glaciers that will be gone in 15 years.
  • on ecological devastation: "We don't want to believe what we know."
  • says the thickness of arctic ice is only 40% of what it was in 1960.
  • It's too late to be pessimistic
  • Arthurs Bertrand's new film "Home" will premiere on 5/Jun, copyright free

Twitter Quotes...

  • "The new civilization = more happiness with less stuff."
  • "The key to happiness is to find something bigger than you and devote yourself to it"
  • How about less *wasteful* stuff; more *intelligent* stuff; global happiness via universal poverty eradication
  • Radication of poverty will only come with MORE STUFF, not less stuff. "Less Stuff" is the mantra of the economically ignorant
  • 09 has been framed: economic & environmental crisis, with technology as the answer
  • less stuff" rests on the "zero sum game" fallacy, which was disproven in economics a century ago. Resources actually aren't limited
  • When you allow technology to progress, it results in solutions that useless resources and are environmentally friendlier.
  • (BOOK) Mid-Course Correction: Toward a Sustainable Enterprise: The Interface Model (Paperback)
  • A TED talk exposes the speaker to 3.75 million people. Talk about spreading ideas…
  • Whn large nmbrs of humans Think Out Loud its a #cognosphere whn u listen in, thats #neuropresence

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